Published Papers

To find more details about the data collection and processing methods used in the DMDDB project please read the following papers.

  • Computer assisted analysis of drivers' body activity using a range camera
    A. Kondyli, V. Sisiopiku, L. Zhao, and A. Barmpoutis
    IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Magazine
    (forthcoming) 2015.
    Abstract | BibTex | Full Text: PDF  

  • SHREC'15 Track: Driver's Motion Depth Database
    A. Barmpoutis, G. Yengera, S. R. Hosuri, M. M. Islam, A. Kondyli, S.S. Patil, V. P. Sisiopiku, L. Zhang, and L. Zhao
    3D Shape Retrieval Contest - Digital Worlds Institute Technical Report
    2015, Page(s): 1-7
    Abstract | BibTex | Full Text: PDF | DEMO  

  • Comparative Analysis of Driving Maneuvers Using 3D Body Posture Data
    A. Kondyli, V. Sisiopiku, L. Zhao, and A. Barmpoutis
    In Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation: Part II (ed. N. Stanton, S. Landry, G. Di Bucchianico, A. Vallicelli)
    July 2014, Page(s): 194-203, ISBN: 978-1-4951-2098-5.
    Abstract | BibTex | Full Text: PDF | DEMO 

  • A 3D experimental framework for exploring drivers' body activity using infrared depth sensors
    A. Kondyli, V. Sisiopiku, and A. Barmpoutis
    IEEE International Conference on Connected Vehicles
    2-6 December 2013, Page(s): 574-579.
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  • Acknowledgement: Funded in part by the US Department of Transportation / STRIDE, Award ID: DTRT12-G-UTC04 / 2013-051S, STRIDE project title "Investigating the effect of drivers' body motion on traffic safety", Principal Investigator: Angelos Barmpoutis, September 2013-April 2015.

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