Eamon O’Connor

OPS Adjunct Faculty and Writer in Residence


University of Florida | P.O. Box 115810 | Gainesville, FL 32611

Phone: +1 (352) 294-2042 | Fax: +1 (352) 294-2053



Eamon O’Connor is an OPS Adjunct Faculty and Writer in Residence at the Digital Worlds Institute. He is a graduate of New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, as well as UC Berkeley’s Rhetoric Department. His academic work focused on speech acts, ideology, poetry, and language games. He has written in a variety of professional contexts including PR and law, digital marketing, copywriting, criticism, digital publishing, and technical writing. He helped edit The Revealer, a publication of NYU’s Center for Religion and Media, and was founding editor of In The Mesh, an online magazine about decentralization in technology and culture. Eamon was embedded with a team of AI specialists, artists, and machine learning scientists at the DBRS Innovation Labs, where he documented their research. Most recently, he worked at Ubisoft as a technical writer on the Rocksmith+ team.

At the Digital Worlds Institute, Eamon plans to explore how AI can augment techniques borrowed from cartography, theater, and open-world game design to generate new kinds of user-driven narrative experiences.