The Embodiment of Techne: Remarks on Martin Luther’s “Open Letter on Translating” with Will Hasty

12pm-1pm, Thursday, April 11, Pugh 302

Based on examples from Genesis, the Gospel according to John, and the Bible-translation of Martin Luther and his own comments about it – on which my main attention is focused, I explore in this workshop the validity of the proposition that culture generally and within it the technosphere – at least the part of it pertaining to crucial occidental employments of languages and literatures – might be described or circumscribed in terms of an always-ongoing madeness/making of things. With the help of the above sources (mainly Luther), I will explore whether such descriptive/circumscriptive terms might be made somewhat more precise binarily or “digitally” as relations of eternal and immediate, infinite and infinitesimal.

The slides of this presentation can be downloaded from this link:

Will Hasty is Waldo W. Neikirk Professor of German Studies and Co-Director of the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies. He has published widely on medieval and early modern literature culture, particularly on medieval romance narratives. He is author of numerous books and has edited collections of essays and literary encyclopedias.

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