Anastasia Pantazopoulou

The Intersections Doctoral Student Mini-Grant has afforded me so far the opportunity to participate in the DH@Guelph Workshop, The Work that Stories Do in the World:  Digital Storytelling for Research, Education, and Change which was held in May 7th-10th, 2019 at the University of Guelph, in Ontario Canada.

The Workshop gave me a hands-on experience with the possibilities that digital storytelling offers in research, education, and especially in shaping individual and communal identities as a form of community engagement, a key point of my own research. During the workshop I was also trained in using the Final Cut Program to edit digital stories and work on my own digital story having spent a day writing my script, recording it, and taking footage.

You can find my digital story, which “narrates” the story of Helen of Troy (mostly as presented in Euripides’ tragedy, Helen) through a series of questions and statements that reflect on the impact of space and rumors/opinions/labels on one’s identity, in the following video: