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What are Intersections Scholars?

Intersections Scholars are undergraduate students who engage with one of the grand-challenge questions across different classes identified in the Intersections course cluster. In other words, Intersections Scholarspursue a question about contemporary and historical challenges that requires interdisciplinary inquiry with humanities fields to find an answer. Intersections Scholars acquire these interdisciplinary skills to prepare for a range of diverse careers through the program’s emphasis on critical thinking, research, creative problem-solving, and intellectual curiosity.

Here are the grand-challenge questions that Intersections Scholars can choose from:

  1. How can we engage ethical issues in public life?
  2. How do Black and Latinx people shape global and local cultures, politics, and economies?
  3. How do technologies influence our lives, then and now?
  4. What would the world look like without mass incarceration?

Throughout their undergraduate education, Intersections Scholars will take three courses from three different departments, centers, or programs in a larger cluster of courses that address the grand-challenge question of their interest. This can include the new UF Quest 1 course that corresponds to the grand-challenge question, but it is not required. Courses completed prior to signing up as an Intersections Scholar may count towards the designation, but only one course taken prior to the launch of the program in Summer 2019 can count towards the required courses. These courses may be within the student’s major or outside of it.

Intersections Scholars will produce a reflection video and participate in the Intersections Symposium at the close of the semester in which they graduate. They will also receive graduation cords, a digital badge, and a certificate of achievement. The first Intersections Symposium will take place in April 2020. The Intersections Scholar designation is awarded by the UF Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere; it will not appear on students’ UF transcript.

Students can request an advising appointment with the one of the Intersections Advisors (Laura Beth Lancaster, Dylan King, and Brandyn Jordan) by emailing INTERSECTIONS@ADVISING.UFL.EDU

Here is how to become an Intersection Scholar in Technologies.

Choose 3 courses from the following list. Each course must come from a different department, center, or program. Courses may be added over time, keep checking back for any additions.


  • ANT3153; North American Archaeology (Fall 2019) (WR) (GenEd-H)


  • CLA3151; Pompeii: An Archaeological Laboratory (Fall 2019) (GenEd-H and GenEd-N)
  • CLA3160; Ancient Egypt (Summer B 2019, Fall 2019) (GenEd-H and GenEd-N)
  • CLT3421; Classics and Science Fiction
  • CLA3930; Imagineering the Technosphere (Spring 2020)

Design, Construction & Planning

  • DCP4930; Imagineering and the Technosphere (Spring 2020) – cross-listed with CLA3930, DIG4905; MEM3931
  • DCP6714; Documentation of the Built Environment (Fall 2019)

Digital Worlds Institute

  • DIG2930; Special Topics: Foundations of Digital Culture*
  • DIG2931C; Special Topics in Digital Media*
  • DIG3020; Foundations of Digital Culture (Summer B 2019, Fall 2019) (WR)
  • DIG3433; Digital Storytelling (Fall 2019)
  • DIG4905; Imagineering the Technosphere (Spring 2020)

*Contact Professor Barmpoutis for further information on these course offerings.


European Studies

  • EUS3120; War and Culture in Europe


  • AMH2631; History of Sustainability
  • AMH3460; US Urban History (WR) (GenEd-H or GenEd-S)
  • AMH3630; American Environmental History
  • EUH3683; The History of Consumption
  • HIS3483; The Nuclear Age
  • HIS4472; History of Evolutionary Thought from the Enlightenment to the Present (Fall 2019)
  • WOH3404; Global History of Energy
  • WOH4234; Atlantic Exchanges from Columbus to NATO

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

  • CHI4930; Kung Fu & Marital Arts Film
  • CHT3391; Chinese Film and Media
  • GER3332; Topics in German Film and Culture
  • GET2100; German Literary Heritage (WR) (GenEd-H)
  • GET3004; Modern German Culture and Civilization
  • GET3200; Medieval Literary Culture (Fall 2019) (WR) (GenEd-H)
  • GET3201; Early Modern Literary Culture (Fall 2019)
  • GET3580; Representations of War in Literature and Visual Media
  • MEM3931; Imagineering the Technosphere (Spring 2020)

Materials Science and Engineering

  • EMA1004; Impact Materials on Society (Fall 2019)


  • PHI3400; Philosophy of Natural Science (Fall 2019) (GenEd-H)
  • PHM3032; Ethics and Ecology (GenEd-H)


  • REL2071; Sustainability and Religion (Fall 2019) (WR) (GenEd-H)
  • REL3160; Religion and Science (Summer B 2019) (WR) (GenEd-H)
  • REL3492; Religion Ethics and Nature (GenEd-H)

Urban and Regional Planning

  • DCP4000; Overview of Historic Preservation (Fall 2019)