Our course was awarded an Affordable UF Badge

We are happy to announce that our course was awarded a 2020 Affordable UF Badge as a recognition of our commitment to affordable education. By producing on our own the materials of this course, including the UF Quest Game, its 3D printed parts, and the associated mobile app we managed to reduce the cost of course materials to less than $20 per credit hour, which is the designated limit of the affordable UF initiative. Through our efforts we made it possible for all of our students to access the resources they needed to be successful in your course.

Our course is listed as “wish you took” by UF students

The student-led portal haveuheard.com lists our Imagineering the Technosphere class as one of the elective courses that student wish to take.

More specifically the say: “Today, universities have students declare a major almost immediately. That’s not to say they cannot change their major but, once a student is following their course track, it can become more difficult to switch as they progress further into their major. And for those students that love their major, they often opt to take other classes within their college major instead of exploring all the different electives that are available. But, sometimes students’ schedules are just so stress-packed that an easy, fun, and exciting elective is the perfect way to round out a schedule. Electives can serve many purposes: fulfill an individual’s major requirement, supplement more rigorous courses to complete a minor, fill a schedule, or simply to have great fun. “

Imagineering the Technosphere is one of these wish-you-took electives!

For more information visit: https://haveuheard.com/posts-uf/elective-classes/

Time Traveler App featured in SpotOnFlorida

The UF Quest game and its Time Traveler App were featured in a recent post by SpotOnFlorida.com

More specifically, their post titled “UF Quest class turns campus into an interactive game” said “In the humanities class Imagineering the Technosphere, homework isn’t based on a book chapter, but an adventure through campus guided by the GPS-powered Time Traveler app. “

Link: https://spotonflorida.com/north-central-florida/1272181/uf-quest-class-turns-campus-into-an-interactive.html

UF Quest Game featured in EdScoop

The UF Quest Game that was created as part of our Imagineering the Technosphere project was featured on March 11, 2020 in EdScoop, an on-line news outlet for education.

The article was titled “Immersive app turns U. of Florida campus into educational board game” and provided a detailed presentation of the project: “The game, part of a class called “Imagineering the Technosphere,” taps into an app called Time Traveler that uses GPS to navigate students around campus and bestow historical insights into the locations they visit, such as museums, research facilities and event venues. Upon arrival at each location, the app presents historical information and later poses a question that tests students’ comprehension of the information presented. The app also ties into a corresponding physical board game in which students compete against each other for 3D-printed pieces that correspond to the locations visited. ”

You can read the full article here: https://edscoop.com/university-florida-immersive-app-educational-board-game/

UF news writes a story about our game

Our Imagineering the Techosphere class was featured on March 6, 2020 in UF news.

The article was titled “UF class turns campus into an interactive game” and provided a detailed presentation of our class and its innovative UF Quest game. According to the article: …in the humanities class “Imagineering the Technosphere,” homework isn’t based on a book chapter, but an adventure through campus guided by the GPS-powered Time Traveler app.

The full story by Alisson Clark can be found here https://news.ufl.edu/2020/03/quest-board-game/

Imagineering the Technosphere – Video teaser

UF Quest Game: Using an old aerial photograph of the UF campus as a map and a GPS app as a guide, students and faculty engage in a unique adventure through space and time. This time travel can be used as an experiential learning tool that moves the student outside of the traditional classroom setting to explore how humans use technology to alter our physical world. During this journey students can discover what the lessons of the past inventions can teach us about how to address the problems facing humanity today, particularly as they emerge in the “technosphere,” the landscape shaped by the human hands.

More UF monuments scanned in 3D

As the production of our augmented reality game progresses, more artifacts from the University of Florida have been scanned in 3D. This image shows a few new samples from our collection.