UF Quest Game

In our Spring 2020 course we will present and use for the first time the UF Quest Game, an innovative approach for introducing students to the Humanities.

Using an old aerial photograph of the UF campus as a map and a GPS app as a guide, students and faculty engage in a unique adventure through space and time. This time travel can be used as an experiential learning tool that moves the student outside of the traditional classroom setting to explore how humans use technology to alter our physical world. During this journey students can discover what the lessons of the past inventions can teach us about how to address the problems facing humanity today, particularly as they emerge in the “technosphere,” the landscape shaped by the human hands.

How to play

Use the Time Traveler App to unlock and explore new places on UF campus. Complete the assigned task in each place to earn a 3D printed token for your game board. New destinations will be released every week of the semester. Try to complete your game board by collecting as many 3D tokens as you can, including the bonus ones.