XED Convert App

This is a simple Java application that can convert kinect stream files recorded previously in XED format. Open an XED file in Kinect Studio and play it inside this Kinect-enabled example program, which records the depth frames in a raw binary file that you can open later by your own programs. You can also use this application to record a live sequence of depth frames.

System Requirements: 1) The latest Java update must be installed and enabled in your computer, 2) You need to have a Microsoft Kinect sensor (works with any type of Kinect, Kinect for XBOX, Kinect for Windows, Kinect 2, or new Kinect), 3) The Microsoft Kinect SDK (version 1.0 or higher) must be installed in your computer.

The source code consists of the following files:
  • XEDConvertApp.java, the main class of the stand-alone java application.
  • XEDConvertApplet.java, the main class of the java applet version of this example.
  • Kinect.java, a class that reads the data from the Kinect sensor.

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