Published Papers using J4K

To find more details about the use of Kinect in research applications using the J4K library read the following list of suggested papers.

  • Tensor Body: Real-time Reconstruction of the Human Body and Avatar Synthesis from RGB-D
    A. Barmpoutis
    IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Special issue on Computer Vision for RGB-D Sensors: Kinect and Its Applications
    October 2013, Vol. 43(5), Page(s): 1347-1356
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  • Augmented-reality environment for locomotor training in children with neurological injuries
    A. Barmpoutis, E. Fox, I. Elsner, and S. Flynn
    In LNCS 8678 (Springer) Proceedings of MICCAI14 - Workshop on Augmented Environments for Computed Assisted Interventions: (eds. C.A. Linte, Z. Yaniv, P. Fallavollita, P. Abolmaesumi, and D. R. Holmes III)
    14 September 2014, Page(s): 108-117
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  • A 3D experimental framework for exploring drivers' body activity using infrared depth sensors
    A. Kondyli, V. Sisiopiku, and A. Barmpoutis
    IEEE International Conference on Connected Vehicles
    2-6 December 2013, Page(s): 574-579
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  • Automated Human Avatar Synthesis for Obesity Control using Low-Cost Depth Cameras
    A. Barmpoutis
    Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, IOS press
    February 2013, Vol. 184, Page(s): 36-42
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  • Comparative Analysis of Driving Maneuvers Using 3D Body Posture Data
    A. Kondyli, V. Sisiopiku, L. Zhao, and A. Barmpoutis
    Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics AHFE (ed. T. Ahram, W. Karwowski and T. Marek)
    19-23 July 2014, Page(s): 4416-4425
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  • Other related Kinect-based research papers:

  • Liu, Yebin, Genzhi Ye, Yangang Wang, Qionghai Dai, and Christian Theobalt. "Human Performance Capture Using Multiple Handheld Kinects." In Computer Vision and Machine Learning with RGB-D Sensors, pp. 91-108. Springer International Publishing, 2014.

  • Lim, Sooyeon, and Sangwook Kim. "Implementation of Kinetic Typography by Motion Recognition Sensor." In Future Information Technology, pp. 503-507. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014.

  • Wang, Qiaosong, Vignesh Jagadeesh, Bryan Ressler, and Robinson Piramuthu. "Im2Fit: Fast 3D Model Fitting and Anthropometrics using Single Consumer Depth Camera and Synthetic Data." arXiv preprint arXiv:1410.0745 (2014).

  • Li, Kun, Jingyu Yang, and Jianmin Jiang. "Non-rigid structure from motion via sparse representation." In Multimedia and Expo (ICME), 2014 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2014.

  • Liu, Zhenbao, Shuhui Bu, and Junwei Han. "Human-Centered 3D Home Applications via Low-Cost RGBD Cameras." In Computer Vision and Machine Learning with RGB-D Sensors, pp. 109-135. Springer International Publishing, 2014.

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