The J4K library was developed by Prof. Angelos Barmpoutis, and further extended by the students and faculty who work in the SAGE program (Serious and Applied Gaming Environments) at the University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute. You can find more information about how to join our graduate and undergraduate programs at this link (

Developing team

    Angelos Barmpoutis, Developer, Project Director, University of Florida, USA

    Liangke Zhao, Developer, DMDDB project, University of Florida, USA

    Sakthivel Manikam Arunachalam, Developer, TelePhyT project, University of Florida, USA

Special Thanks to

    Fabrice de Chaumont, Institute Pasteur, France

    Anke Giebler-Schubert, University of Wuerzburg, Germany

    Jonas Haubold, University of Hannover, Germany

Disclaimer: The names JAVA and KINECT and their associated logos are trademarks of their respective copyright owners Oracle and Microsoft. None of these companies endorse, fund, or are in any way associated with the J4K library.

Disclaimer: This software is provided for free without any warranty expressed or implied for academic, research, and strictly non commercial purposes only. By downloading this library you accept the Terms and Conditions.

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